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Captain quietly pleased with herself after getting the cabin temp up to sweltering during boarding process

CHARLOTTE, NC – As sweat rolled down his chin, flight attendant Stephen Myers leaned into the cockpit and asked the captain if she wouldn’t mind adjusting the air conditioning. Before he could finish asking the question she hollered, “No, it’s fine where it’s at. Tell them to use a safety briefing card as a fan.”

Cynthia Nelson was making a point. It was her plane and she’d adjust the temperature to her liking. As the sun baked the metal tube on the hot tarmac in Charlotte the temperature inside the plane soon became stifling.

Which is right where Nelson wanted it.

“Turn on the AC? Yeah, no. You gotta set a tone early on with your passengers,” Nelson shared with her co-pilot. “Let ’em know who’s in charge.”

Meanwhile, flight attendant Stephen Myers was administering first aid to two passengers suffering heat stroke symptoms, while dripping sweat into a puddle in the aisle.

Lee is the brains (but definitely not the looks) of The Takeoff Nap. When he’s not complaining about upgrades he runs a few travel blogs, but this one is his favorite.



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