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Chloe Crawford Ross Brings Boho Chic and Va-Va-Voom to Her Performances

The art of drag is ever-evolving for local queen Chloe Crawford Ross. Her raw passion for her craft, the transformative nature of the music that inspires her performances, and the endless possibilities for creativity make Ross an artist for the people.

“I have performed full-time for 13 years,” Ross said. “I have always been a fan of the art form. One summer night 15 years ago, I went out in drag with friends and a local queen complimented me on my look. I’ve been performing ever since.”

The vivacious queen describes her aesthetic as “boho-chic and haute couture, with modern sleekness and va-va-voom!” Drawing inspiration from queens who have preceded her, Ross entertains crowds around the city weekly. “You can catch me every Sunday at Bar Boheme, monthly at JR’s Bar & Grill and South Beach, and various private parties and special events,” the New York City native said.

A Houstonian since the age of 13, Ross said that drag’s impact has been undeniable: “When I started, it was an outlet to be creative and fun. Then it changed into being a way to explore gender identity and explore my thoughts on being trans.” Ross credits her crowds for what keeps bringing her back to the stage. “While onstage, nothing else matters except reaching out and touching the audience with your performance,” she said. “Giving them a piece of you through your performance that they can take home and relive in their mind.”

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