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Fate in the Light | Relato Corto

By letting oneself be carried away by the currents of time it becomes impossible to stare into the past. Blinded by the turbulence, we must accept being a leaf on the river that follows its natural course, but things were no longer like that for Francis. He learned to navigate the rapids of time and saw that everything was a lie.

Francis observed life from a different perspective. His boat managed to bring calm to the journey. From it, he could see forces that were no longer natural. The flow of time was being diverted into a current that no longer followed the laws of nature. The detour led everything down a channel that blocked the correct path of life. Fate was being manipulated.

Francis managed to find a quantum tunnel that took him back to the journey he was supposed to take. Somehow Murphy’s Law was reversed and now everything was perfect. Despite that, he lived in the same world as everyone else. Time traveled at the same rate but… nothing made sense, everyone else seemed oblivious to his discoveries and yet they continued to travel by his side.

Perhaps this idea made him lose his sanity. It was possible that he was the only one fighting against the currents. Francis went on living certain that, despite all the sources of manipulation, he would receive the strength to follow thy will. For that, he just had to learn to listen to the voice inside him. He learned to decipher the messages that arrive without a language. The sounds that one can only hear while keeping the mind in complete silence.

This is how Francis decided to embark on a journey into the unknown. He mustered up the courage to choose the darkest path into the forest. The mute voice was the only light that illuminated his footsteps. He walked cautiously, certain that life would bring him surprises. Francis was willing to do whatever it took to get to the end of his journey.

Francis felt the arrival of an enemy. The energy of the currents of time was clear in his opponent. A light illuminated the hands of the woman waiting for him.

“Your family hired me to force you back home,” Barbara said. A woman with golden hair covered by a white hood.

Francis assumed the stranger was a sorcerer as soon as he saw the ruby-bladed sword. The power emanating from the weapon was impossible to comprehend.

“I’m taking you by force,” Barbara said and two fire golems appeared in front of her.

Francis unsheathed his sword and looked from side to side for an exit. Nothing.

“Queen Elena is eager for your safe return,” Barbara said.

Francis watched as the fire golems approached. “Why would you insist on forcing me away from my path?”

“Isn’t it obvious, prince?” Barbara said. “You play a crucial part in the future of our kingdom.”

“They should have thought of that before treating me like an enemy,” Francis said.

“The past has been forgotten,” said Barbara. “The queen just wants you to come back and take your rightful place.”

“She should have thought of that before threatening my well-being,” Francis said. “If you dare to become an obstacle, you will suffer the same fate.”

“We’ll see about that,” Barbara said, and a flame lit up in her eyes.

Francis raised his sword to defend himself from the fire golems… at that instant, he left his mind blank and listen for the silent voice. The message was clear. Drop your weapons and accept the destiny that life has in store for you.

The golems tried to hit Francis but the flames passed through him without touching his skin.

“It’s useless,” said Francis.

Barbara was surprised to see the prince’s sword fall to the ground. She gripped her ruby-bladed sword with both hands and felt a fire build up. She then aimed to shoot Francis… silence. The outburst left her momentarily deaf. Looking down, as the smoke cleared, she saw the remains of the sword on the ground.

“I advised you not to act against me,” said Francis.

Barbara fell to her knees to reach the scattered ruby shards, while a tear rolled down her cheek.

Francis picked up his sword and walked toward the sorcerer. “I’m sorry,” he said before walking away.



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