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My Favorite Books of 2021 & My New Reading Challenges for 2022 — Roni Loren

Happy new year!

Unlike previous years, I didn’t post my favorite books of 2021 on the blog and I didn’t post my reading challenges. That’s because I did podcast episodes about both those things and didn’t want to spoil things! But the episodes have been out for a little while now, so I thought I’d post things here for those of you who aren’t listening. You can get details on my favorites and on the challenges in the episodes below. However, if you just want the nitty-gritty list, I still wanted to share those things here because it’s tradition! 🙂

RAD Reading podcast episodes:

The Best of the Best: Our Top Reads of 2021

Let’s Get Nerdy: Setting Reading Challenges and Goals for 2022

My Fave Reads of 2021 (in no particular order)

My 2022 Reading Challenges

  • Roni’s Bookish Subscription challenge – read 12 books from bookish subscriptions

  • Roni’s Indie Author challenge – read at least 10 indie-published books

  • Roni’s Romance Roots challenge – read 12 foundational romances

Here are the pages in my journal for each…



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