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Skrillex Confirms Third Album for 2023

Skrillex has recently made an Instagram post that has confirmed that we will be getting a third album in 2023. The artist is currently in London working on the new album, according to his instagram post that you can check out below.

After releasing two critically acclaimed albums so far this year, “Quest for Fire” and “Don’t Get Too Close”, after a 9 year hiatus in LP releases, its safe to say that Sonny Moore has been grinding in the studio. Many people are curious what the content of the new album will be. Will it be a collaboration-heavy hip-hop/bass mix as we saw in “Quest for Fire”? Something more down-tempo and melodic like “Don’t Get Too Close”? Or will he unleash a collection of riddim ID’s that will haunt our nightmares and break our necks simultaneously? We can only speculate, but whatever he decides to do for the overall theme of the new album, it is sure to be different and exciting.

Be sure to check back here for any news or updates on Skrillex’s new album. You can listen to “Don’t Get Too Close” as well as “Quest for Fire” on Spotify now!

Skrillex Confirms Third Album for 2023



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