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Someone bought a prop phone and got really annoyed that it didn’t work

Weird World

Over on Reddit, u/vidbv has been shaking their head at a baffling review. Here’s how they described it –

The woman who bought a fake/prop phone expecting it to work, then left a one-star review.

Here’s the phone, very clearly labelled a dummy …

And here’s the review – clearly labelling its writer a dummy …

Reddit users stopped facepalming long enough to leave these comments.

I almost feel sorry for her. You have to be on an entirely different level of dumb to purchase a prop and not even realize it after it came.

Lead poisoning is a cruel mistress.

I worked in tech support and returns management for 2 years. This is normal. You have these people one or twice a week. And they claim it’s all your fault that they didn’t read the title.

I wish you could comment on Amazon reviews

When an iphone 12 costs $15 you need to be a moron not to know what it is.

Thank god the tech savvy grandkids were on hand to rumble this scam.

“Non-Working” yup, that obviously means it can take photos. riiiight.

Every time I begin to think that humans might actually be beginning to show signs of true intelligence, I see shit like this.

CitizenTed gave us a comedy interpretation.

“I just bought the fake rubber nose with glasses. I realize they are just rubber but I was hoping they would at least serve as a pair of readers. Instead, the rubber glasses have no glass at all! How can they even call them glasses? I’ll be returning for full refund. 1*.”


Thanks for fixing my bike. Here’s a 1-star review

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