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“The Kerala Story” to restore the pride

The Kerala Story box office collection day 10: 10 days since the release, and collection crossing 130 crores. Not something to revel on, right? But imagine these collections in the face of severe castigation, authoritarian bans in two states, just because it manage to uncover an uncomfortable truth. Now what would be your reaction if we tell you that this very movie restored the pride of Indian cinema?

Content speaks

The Kerala Story is on an unstoppable growth trajectory. The way Kerala story is gaining massive numbers at the box office isn’t something you see every day. Guess its lowest collections. It was on the release date, i.e., 5 May, when the film clocked some 8 crore rupees.

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Since, the revenue graph has only gone upwards. Forget this year, even the previous year, there were many big budget flicks which struggle to even recover their basic costs. On the other hand, The Kerala Story has not only marched past the elusive 100 crore club, it has also created a situation wherein it would be a surprise if the film doesn’t cross 175 crores by the end of the second week.

How so? If you compare the box office collection of “The Kerala Story” from the first week from the second week, you shall find a massive upsurge in the second week. For a film with no support from the establishment, as well as the intelligentsia, earning almost 20 crores on the 2nd Saturday is no small feat. Going by the current figures, none should be surprised if the film crosses the 150-crore mark by Tuesday itself.

Saving the pride of Hindi cinema

However, this is not a victory of the creators of the movie alone. The movie has also given hope to several filmmakers, who used to back out from such projects over either societal pressure or due to the box office dilemma.

But despite immense vitriol, ban in two states and accusations of “propaganda”, this film is continuously marching ahead. A film which has received six times its domestic collection in just two weeks even with a budget of 20 to 25 crores, must be having something unique in it. Not only from the perspective of Hindi cinema, it is also an important achievement this year from the point of view of the entire Indian cinema. The less said the better for Bollywood, and so far the pan India industry hasn’t created a banger unlike last year, “Ponniyan Selvan 2” included!

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Since “The Kerala Story” has a window of around mid-June, the film can comfortably cross the magic mark of 200 to 250 crores by the end of May. Wouldn’t be surprised if the film surpasses the lifetime collection of “The Kashmir Files” by the end of this month. Such success doesn’t grow on trees, it has to be earned, and it’s beyond the reach of fake PR and fake booking experts!

Since “The Kerala Story” has ample time until mid-June, with no major Indian movie on the cards, they can surpass the figure of 200, maybe even 250 crores, without a sweat. None shall be surprised if the film crosses the lifetime domestic collection of “The Kashmir Files”. Such success isn’t served on a platter, you have to earn it. But how will those understand who for whom money is bigger than anything, and will employ every trick under the sun to make their film a success, even if JUST on PAPER!

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